Mastering Centerpiece Design


Thankful for floral classes! Create your very own Thanksgiving centerpiece. We'll show you simple tips and tricks to create an elevated and luxurious Thanksgiving centerpiece or a design that will fit perfectly on a coffee table or bartop. We'll walk you through centerpiece design from beginning to end, a skill you can use during any season with any flowers! You'll love sipping on wine while hand-picking premium roses and precious gourds to show off your newly-acquired skills. You'll be able to use this advanced skill to create your own beautiful arrangements in the future and fill your home with flowers!

Date | Time | Location

• November 24, 6 pm 

• Dr Delphinium Designs + Events Design Center, 9200 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247

Materials / Flowers Used

• Coral snapdragons

• Croton and kale

• Cherry brandy roses

• Blend of autumn foliage and greenery

• Autumnal pumpkins and gourds

What You'll Learn

• Students will learn how to do a "long-and-low" design using flowers you select

• The proper cutting techniques to keep flowers low, while maintaining shape.

• How to incorporate non-floral elements like wheat, pumpkins and gourds

What's Provided

• All florals and glassware

• Professional floral tools / aprons

• Complimentary wine from our collection

• Gourmet and artisanal snacks and sweets