Modern Floral:

Neon Lights + Peony Brights


Join us and learn modern floral techniques from our master designers! At floral class you will learn how to make a beautiful and bright floral design with a variety of spring flowers. We'll use stunning peonies, bright yellow tulips, fragrant stock, hot pink spray roses and greenery. We will be learning to design with modern vases, how to work with peonies, how to design with multiple floral textures, and how to care for your flowers! 

Date | Time | Location

• May 21, 6 pm

• Dr Delphinium Designs + Events Design Center, 9200 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247

Materials / Flowers Used

• Stunning peonies

• Bright yellow tulips

• Hot pink spray roses

• Fragrant stock

What You'll Learn

• Basic floral techniques for building modern arrangements

• How to think about color, scent and texture, and helpful tips on working with seasonal materials

What's Provided

• All florals and glassware

• Professional floral tools / aprons

• Margaritas!

• Gourmet and artisanal snacks and sweets